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“Well, perhaps … you think it is not necessary to listen to talks. However, if you do, over time you will find that by listening to Bapak’s talks, your own understanding opens up and develops. You cannot get that understanding through study, by constantly studying the talks, or by doing latihan diligently, no! That understanding comes from your soul as it opens up. Then you will be able to understand what Bapak means in his talks. 

This ‘opening up’ happens by itself, you are not being taught by Bapak, no. You are not taught by another helper, no. That kind of understanding grows by itself. Just try it, you are sure to experience that…. It is God that helps you by opening or awakening your soul until what you could not understand yesterday, all of a sudden you understand today. 

So, Bapak’s talks always seem to be about the same old thing. Oh, but that ‘same old thing’ in time penetrates deeper and deeper. You will see once you experience that.... You need to listen to talks so that you will understand the direction that Subud leads.” From Ibu Rahayu’s Talk to Delegates from Zones 1 and 2, Rungan Sari, December 8, 2012 (12 TKL 1)

The Subud Library has written, audio and video versions of Ibu's and Bapak's Talks, including videos with subtitles. Go to SubudLibrary.netYou will need to register as this site is password protected.

Some Subud authors publish their own books and sell them independently. They can be found at In addition, if you have a tablet reader this site also has many 'Subud Classics' in the e-book format.