Weekly Bapak Talks

“Understanding of our spiritual path cannot be taught [or learned] using the mind. For Subud members who have not forgotten where the latihan came from, Bapak’s talks are our source [for understanding] the spiritual training of Subud. At first glance, Bapak’s talks seem like ordinary talks, and yet you cannot understand them by thinking about them. So, you can use Bapak’s talks as a gauge of your own understanding about the latihan and the extent of your experiences in the latihan.” From Ibu Rahayu’s Talk to Members, Wisma Subud, Cilandak, June 24, 2007 (07 CDK 1)

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Bapak Talks

"If you have come to understand the way in which Bapak gives answers to your questions, it will be clear to you that what he says - whether in a general meeting or a meeting such as this - is not in any way a teaching. In reality [his talks] are explanations about what happens in the latihan you are receiving and practicing. The reason why we don't call this a teaching is because you are not taught how to worship, how to receive, how to stand before God or how to do the latihan. In all these things there is no teaching; everything that you have received has arisen by itself. Therefore once you are opened you will continue to stand on your own feet. You will live the life that arises from your real self; everything in you will be awakened by your real self. The meaning of all this is that it is God alone who gives you everything you need.

"In all this, Bapak's function is like that of a school servant, who sets out the books, opens the door, cleans the classroom, and arranges the desks and chairs for you to sit on. When you are all there, sitting down and facing the front, facing the blackboard, the teacher will come and give the lessons; and the teacher is God, not Bapak. So Bapak is only the servant of God, not the teacher. No. This is the reality of Bapak's position in relation to God's power and God's realm in the spiritual [path] of Subud.

“So it is clear that in Subud no teaching is required. All that is necessary, in order to receive God's Will for us, is surrender and a pure inner feeling." First Subud World Congress, Coombe Springs, 19 August 1959, Vol 5, Talk #6.

Talks may be purchased online through By The Way Books.