Prayer Network

Through the Subud Prayer Network you can post a request for prayers for yourself, for a loved one, a friend, co-worker, or member of your community. Prayers for blessing of an event or cause about which you care and for which you want the support of other Subud members' prayers are also suitable. See 'About Prayer' below.

To participate in the network, please send a request to

You can expect to receive all prayer requests posted at the email address you list when you join. It is not necessary to have a Google account to participate, but may make the process of signing up easier. Messages from the network can be delivered to any address you designate.

Malama MacNeil, Moderator

Subud Prayer Network

About our prayer requests:

The way we ask for prayers is as much an art as it is an act of conscious awareness. Be circumspect, aware, discerning for indeed the One to whom we pray is listening, and answering even before we can finish asking. The grace we seek moves in mysterious ways. Do we have eyes, ears, humility and patience to discern the answer that is coming our way as response to our prayers?

Sometimes we have difficulty knowing what to pray for or how to proceed in our prayer. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and for others for whose welfare we pray is to step aside, step into a place of calm and focus, and let the inner speak.

Prayer weaves us together as community in amazing ways. Here are a few ideas that you might consider as you think about and write your Prayer Request:

* Do be concise, but please give enough information about the situation to help guide us in the way we pray for you or a loved one. If we are praying for loved ones, please give us their name and relationship to you. If possible, please ask for and gain their permission for us to pray for them.

* Do be clear, specific and intentional in what you are praying for. Sometimes we ask for prayers to alleviate pain and suffering which may address the symptom but may not necessarily address the underlying cause. If prayers concern healing, remember that healing can take place on many levels. Really sit with your prayer and let it come from a deep place of surrender.

* Prayers come in all shapes, all sizes, all denominations. One size does not fit all. There is no right or wrong way to pray; let it be sincere and authentic to your own tradition and guidance.

* Please keep us updated. As much as we appreciate the Prayer Requests, we LOVE to hear how things turned out, and perhaps what you learned from the situation. Whatever the outcome, what matters is our courage and persistence to work together in prayer trusting in community and God.

* Our time in prayer is sacred; this is our private time with our Creator. In truth it is sometimes a mysterious dialog for which we need inner ears and eyes to recognize the response to our prayers. Allow the heart and mind to be present as quiet observers so as to avoid injecting our own wishes.

* Do remember and have deep gratitude for all the loved ones and blessings in your life. Share prayers of gratitude, and act to let those for whom you are grateful know they mean a lot to you.

* Our prayers have a life of their own, but they need attention and care. In whatever way we can clearly communicate our prayers -- with sincerity, patience, trust and courage -- we will receive benefits for the intended recipients and also for ourselves as we witness the mysteries and power of prayer.

Here are some comments from Ibu Rahayu about prayer:

"...there are many catastrophes which are beyond the capacity of humankind to control. Some events are caused by humankind's mistakes, but others are brought about by the power of Almighty God.

In the face of these events, people have begun to realize that humankind is powerless in comparison to the power of God, or what God can do if God wants to....

As an example, when we pray..., when you pray sincerely, your prayer will have already reached God. But for people not in Subud, who are not Subud members, perhaps their prayers do not reach God....

So in this situation, what can Subud do? All we can do is pray, pray to God. Other people will not realize what we do. Only God and you know.

....What you ask for is up to you. You can pray... to be protected by God, to be kept safe, or something like that. Or you can pray for the salvation of humankind, for all human beings that have been created by God, for everyone to get God's grace and protection. We leave everything to God. What we pray for is up to us.

But please understand that if you make a request that many other people pray for too, which is motivated by a feeling of community and acceptance and is without self-interest, God willing, God will grant it." 06TYO2 Ibu's Questions and Answers with Members, Tokyo Japan 14 August 2006

"So, when you face a problem, do not collapse in confusion, or become anxious or fearful, you should call Gods name so that you activate your soul and surrender. This is particularly important these days when people have no idea how to face catastrophes which people can do nothing about. And people will ask, ‚"What should we do?" This Is why you are lucky, it is lucky for you that you have this contact. So, use the contact between your soul and God. Times like this are a test for humanity. The strong will stand firm, the weak will be lost." Ibu Rahayu, 2006 Bangalore, 06 BLR 3