Care Support

TO: Local Helpers (and, for regional members, Regional Helpers)

Care Support, formerly known as Almoners, provides a grant of between $100 and $500 to a member who is having a serious financial difficulty and who has exhausted all other avenues of help. Any active Subud member is eligible to receive this aid providing they have not received a grant within the last 10 years.

Note that Subud USA is not permitted to send financial assistance to an individual, so the recipient of the check should be a service provider such as landlord, utility company, or doctor/hospital. All assistance given is confidential; the Subud member’s name and the amount given would not be publically released.

The local helpers (and in the case of a regional member, the regional helpers) involved have the responsibility to talk with the member or the member’s caretaker 1) about the situation to understand all relevant facts and background and 2) to determine if all local public and private resources have been considered. Some possible questions are:

  • For what do you need this assistance?
  • How much is needed?
  • Why do you need financial assistance at this time?
  • Do you have any other sources that can provide this assistance and have you contacted them?
  • Have you ever received help from Subud Almoner’s/Care Support Services before? If yes, when was that? For what did you receive it?

If the local helpers determine that a financial emergency exists, then the next step is to test (with the member when possible) about whether it is correct to apply to Care Support for financial assistance at this time. If the testing is positive or inconclusive, then one of the helpers who participated in the testing should complete the Care Support application online or download the pdf form and mail or fax it to the national office (address on form.) 

The Care Support liaison will contact the national helpers. The next step is for the national helpers to confirm through testing whether it is correct to grant the needed funds and, if so, the correct amount. They then contact the Care Support liaison with the results of the testing.

If positive, the Care Support liaison will contact the national office to ensure that the funds are sent to the service provider and will communicate such to the parties involved.