Subud USA Endowment Fund


The National Endowment Fund is held for the benefit of Subud USA, to sustain the work, growth and development of Subud USA and to support its projects and activities that are consistent with its aims. The income from this Fund may be used to acquire capital assets that appreciate in value; such as land, buildings, or a National Center.


Oversight and responsibility of the Fund lies with the Subud USA Board of Directors. Three Fund Trustees are appointed for three-year terms that are custodians of the Fund. These Trustees make investment decisions and along with the Subud USA Treasurer control the funds. Further policy regarding the Fund can be found in the Policy and Procedure Manual.

Only interest income on the principal will be used for specific endowment purposes and only after a minimum of funds are attained.

Tax Deductible

All donations to the Subud USA Endowment Fund are tax deductible. In addition, all charitable bequests are fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes, without any limit on the amount of the deduction.