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We have set the goal for this years annual pledge drive at $90,000.

Please make a one-time donation to Subud USA OR set up a recurring monthly donation with automatic deductions from your bank or credit card:


Thank You for your Support!

Your donation will support all of the programs listed below. If you wish to sponsor a specific program(s), either complete and return this pledge form or send an email to: with your preferences, or any questions you may have.  

General Fund Programs:

Helper Support

The National Helpers received very powerful guidance for what Subud USA needs at this time: lots of deep, sincere, attention to the latihan. They hope to join in latihan with our sisters and brothers around the country frequently, and to encourage efforts everywhere that support the latihan.  They hope to strengthen our alignment with the regional helpers, as they support center helpers and groups. This program pays for travel expenses for our hard-working national helpers.


Committee Support

The National Committee has been working hard to develop a set of tools that can help regions and centers improve the effectiveness of their administrative functions.    We would like to conduct committee retreats/ road trips to meet with local committees and help them with strategy/planning as well as use of these tools.   


World Subud Assn (WSA) Support

Subud USA is a major contributor to the World Subud Association (WSA).  The WSA supports international helper travel, supports the work of Ibu Rahayu, funds the WSA executive office, performs translation of talks, and supports Subud affiliates (“wings”) at the international level.


Zone 7 Support

Subud USA is a part of Zone 7, which also includes Canada, Mexico, Cuba, the Caribbean, and Suriname.  Our support allows for travel and gatherings within the Zone, including support for Subud Cuba (Cuban citizens have very low wages, averaging $30USD a month.  With such low wages, Subud members in Cuba cannot afford to travel and stay in a hotel for Congresses, purchase computers to connect to the larger Subud world, or rent latihan space.)


Subud Archives

The US has one of five international archive centers that keep a permanent record of Subud activity during its early years.  Currently we have materials spread among at least 3 different locations.  We need funding in order to sort through and index these materials, and to find a better long-term storage solution.  Part of this cost may be paid by WSA, but funding is uncertain. 


Website and Commun-ications

We are planning for a “phase 2” of our website development that will include an updated design and navigation, a new blog, and better integration of local and regional news.  We also pay for a newsletter editor to produce 4 newsletters each year.  In addition to a paper newsletter we will produce monthly e-blasts, maintain a blog on our website, and updates on Facebook.


“Wing” Development and Support

Subud International Cultural Association (SICA), Subud Enterprise Services (SES), and Subud Youth Association (SYA) all need on-going support for travel expenses, administration, and communications.  (Susila Dharma USA does its own fundraising campaign – please support them directly!)


Staff & Admin-istration

Our Executive Director and Office Staff (plus rent, insurance, supplies, etc.) make all of our other programs possible.  They allow us to put on annual congresses at a low cost to members, ensure sound financial management, provide updates and maintenance of our systems, and ensure that we maintain non-profit status for all centers and regions under our tax umbrella.


Other Restricted Funds:

Care Support

Provides emergency financial support for members in need.  Current balance in this fund is $2,670.

We are fully funded for 2015.

Housing Loan Fund

Provides loans to Subud organizations for purchase or maintenance of Subud property.   Current balance is approximately $117,000, of which $104,000 is currently loaned out to centers.

As much as possible

Endowment Fund

The dividends/interest earned from this fund supports the Long-Term Development of Subud in the USA.  Please give generously and consider including the Subud USA Endowment Fund in your will.   Our current balance is approximately $280,000.

As much as possible to continue growing our endowment.


How much should you contribute to support Subud?

To answer this question, you have to weigh your own personal variables. For example, some of our young members are just getting started, some of our elder members are on fixed incomes, and others of us are struggling financially. No one should feel pressure to give beyond his or her means. Fortunately, we also have members who give very generously to help make up the difference for those who are unable to gift as much as they would like. Your right amount is entirely up to you.

The following chart provides a giving range from 3% to 5% per month.

Monthly Membership Giving


Sustaining (3%)

Pioneer (4%)

Emeritus (5%)