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If you are a new visitor to the Member's section of the Subud USA website, we hope the following guidelines to locating content will make it easy for you to find all the information you may need as individual members, members serving helper or committee roles, or if you are traveling and want to visit other Subud communities and need contact information. 

We have a lot of work to do to ramp up this website to create a place where we can easily find one another in our shared practice of the latihan and in supporting one another in our communities.

The Members section is organized by the following subcategories:

The Member Login tab is where one accesses our secure site. You can create or update your account in our National Membership Database, make donations, and register for events.

The Members tab is where you will find items that relate to individuals,

The Subud USA tab is where you find content related to our National Association,

The Governance tab contains media relating to our management and operations, and

The Community tab relates to the broader Subud community.

All feedback is welcome and will help us to make changes that will better serve all of us. We hope you will share ideas for improvement, links to news and upcoming events from your centers and regions. 

To return to the Home Page for members and the general public, you can either click on the Home menu button or on the golden Subud symbol

Contact our Webmaster to add content, make updates or suggest changes. 



Albuquerque Gathering July 2013

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