Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is valuable in two ways: during transition for the new chair who will step into the role of implementer of the plan and second, to guide the Board of Directors through a period when it has strong willed members that have personal agendas that do not align with the goals of the Association.

The strategic planning identifies where the organization wants to be in three to five years and how it is going to get there. The "strategic" part of this planning process is the continual attention to changes within the association and how this affects our future. Thus the strategic plan determines the overall direction and goals of our Association as well as the human and fiscal resources that will be needed to achieve those goals. 

Skills in implementing a strategic are critical to the long-term growth of Subud USA. 

The outcome of the plan includes an assessment component that enables us to measure our achievements and to identify our obstacles that must be overcome. The process is at least as important as the product itself in that the strategic plan itself is never "done" but always in a continuous cycle. While the contents of a strategic plan can vary depending on the nature of the association they generally have components outlined in this draft.