Policy and Procedures

The Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) is a sole source document to better align practice with operations that over time promotes the standardization of functions and becomes the master reference for those with responsibilities within our association.

The manual is the official compilation of Subud USA’s management and administrative documents. It is derived from policies, procedures and other sources such as resolutions by delegates at national congress, decisions by our Board of Directors, operating requirements, procedural documents, committee responsibilities, standard practices and legal requirements.

To best assure that member’s voices are heard at the time of a policy revision and brought to the National Congress for discussion, Regional Chairs are charged with, and accountable for, the timely review and update of this manual during their Regional Congresses. As best practices evolve, it is expected that members will “challenge” outdated material in the PPM and call them to the attention of the Association. Such deployment can create an invaluable feedback loop that optimizes its value and usefulness.


Policy development usually proceeds through three stages: 

Stage 1) An ad-hoc committee of volunteers is formed by the national committee. This ad-hoc committee drafts the document for membership review. 

Stage 2) The draft is released for membership comment. Usually a 45 day period. Adjustments are made by the ad-hoc committee.

Stage 3) When the comment period is complete the National Committee has the Board of Directors take action at its next scheduled meeting.

If you have an interest in policy development please contact you Regional Chair.