Subud USA Bylaws (Amended, 2016 National Congress)


The first set of bylaws for Subud USA were approved at the 1972 Congress in Denver, Colorado. SInce that time the bylaws went through a series of amendments until the 2004 Congress in Vancouver, WA. In 2008, the delegates proposed several amendments to the bylaws and it was agreed to establish a bylaws committee to include these delegate resolutions and update other sections in the bylaws with current practice. This was followed up by the Board of Directors meeting at the 2009 Gathering in Greeley, Colorado when the board requested that the bylaws committee continue the rewrite of the bylaws to make the flow more understandable.

The delegates at the 2010 congress agreed to form a governance committee to further review the proposed set of bylaws and incorporate the recent recommendations from a Colorado attorney familiar with Colorado corporate statutes. These bylaws were presented at a workshop at the 2011 Gathering in Rockford, Illinois which provided further feedback to the governance committee which were subsequently incorporated into the proposed bylaws. At the October 2011 Board of Directors’ meeting in Phoenix, the governance committee submitted their proposed set of bylaws to the Directors. By this time the proposed bylaws were considered a complete rewrite of the previously amended 2004 bylaws.

Beginning in April 2012 pre-congress working parties discussed each section of the proposed bylaws in detail on eight conference calls for over twenty-six hours in addition to the online discussion groups, These discussions continued into the 2012 Congress in Seattle, Washington. At that congress the Revised Bylaws were passed by the delegate assembly. A few amendments to the Subud USA Bylaws were made by the delegates at the 2014 Congress in Pittsburgh, PA.

To review the most current version of the Subud USA Bylaws (Amended, 2016 National Congress) click here.