Zone Rep Selection Process

To all National Committees and Subud Members in Zone 7

As many of you know, over the past months your Zone 7 Council has been discussing the Selection Process for the next Zone Rep.

The term of a Zone Rep runs from one World Congress to the next. Therefore, my term started at Christchurch in January 2010 and will end at Puebla in August 2014.

This email is being sent to all Zone 7 Council members, and I am asking that you please:

  • forward the information to the members in your respective countries, in as many different ways as possible
  • maybe, add your personal perspective(s)
  • encourage members to read the material and consider applying for the position
  • identify and speak personally to individual members who you think might be interested
  • do whatever else you can to answer questions and “spread the word”

Attached are documents that describe the Job Description and Qualities/Characteristics and Selection Process for the Zone 7 Rep. This is pretty “dry” (but important) stuff!

I am sometimes asked to briefly list what I see as the main benefits of the role of the Zone Rep and Council. Here they are:
  • The Zone Rep chairs the Zone Council. Made up of representatives from the member countries within Zone 7, the Council helps countries feel connected, share challenges/successes and provide support to each other – rather like a family! Although we share the latihan, we are different in so many ways. But getting together as a Council, we gain a better understanding of Subud within our respective countries. The Zone 7 Council meets by conference calls throughout the year and at one annual in-person meeting.
  • The Zone Council acts as a bridge between the national and international organizations. It provides a means of communication in both directions to share views, opinions, ideas, needs and information. Sometimes the working of the international organization can seem remote and overwhelming from the respective countries. Discussing topics at the zonal level, can help to explain complex issues and provide a valuable and varied local “grass roots” perspective. When possible, the Zone Rep attends national meetings and other gatherings of the countries within the Zone.
  • The Zone Reps are members of the World Subud Council, along with the Wing Representatives and International Helpers. The role of the Council is to carry out the resolutions, business and wishes of Congress between Congresses. This role enables the Zone to stay connected with, and provide input to, what is happening in the rest of the Subud world.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my term as Zone 7 Rep and thank you for the opportunity. 

For me it was beneficial to have been Subud Canada National Chair for the preceding 4 years (and consequently a Zone Council member). This experience at the national level was helpful (but, in my opinion, not essential) for the position of Zone Rep. Similarly, it would have been helpful if I could speak Spanish!!

Were there challenges? - A few!

Have there been frustrations, disappointments and “ups & downs”? Yes!

Could I have done more? - Of course!

Have I received blessings for my work as Zone Rep? Definitely! And these far outweigh the frustrations and disappointments! I certainly feel that I have grown during the past 4 years and I am so grateful for the experience.

Please consider the position. You can ask someone to propose you or you can submit your name personally.  The Kejiwaan Councillors have recommended that applicants pre-test: “Is it right for (name) to put his/her name forward to stand for the position of Zone 7 Rep for the coming term?”

As it says in the Selection Process, all applications should be sent to the respective National Committees by March 31, 2014.

The final selection will be made at Puebla, and it is hoped that most of the applicants can be present, although this isn’t mandatory. 

If anyone has any questions, I will do my best to answer them. You can contact me by email (“”) or phone in Canada (250 370 1291). You may also want to ask the Zone Council members in your respective countries about the role.

All the best,

Dave Hitchcock
Zone 7 Rep

Zone 7

Zone 7: Dave Hitchcock, WSC Representative, Lucian Parshall, Secretary, Hardwin Blanchard, Treasurer

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