World Subud Association

The World Subud Association (WSA) is a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status, founded in 1991 and registered in Washington D.C. The WSA is the umbrella organization for the association of member countries around the world. It supports the spiritual practice of Subud as well as the cultural, social, and educational activities and entrepreneurial projects of the Subud membership. For organizational purposes WSA is divided into three areas of the world and subdivided further into nine zones. Countries are represented within each zone. Each member country has its own organization and holds its own National Congress.

There are Subud members in 84 countries spread across the globe, with group and national organisations in 54. Together they make up the World Subud Association (WSA), which is run on democratic and gender-equal principles, with volunteers active in local, national and international arenas. The diversity and scope of the association is celebrated every four to five years with a World Congress. Between congresses, business is carried forward by an international executive team supported by the World Subud Council (WSC) who are responsible for its ongoing tasks. The WSC includes a representative from each zone, and these nine members are also the legal directors of the WSA along with a chair and deputy chair. Find out more about the World Subud Association.