Subud USA National Dewan

Dewan means group or council. The National Dewan forms the governing board of Subud USA and consists of the National Committee, the Regional Chairs and representatives from the affiliate associations. The National Dewan also consists of several National Helpers that assist the governing board in receiving guidance from the inner self.

Subud USA National Committee, 2018-20


Lucas Boladian, Chair




Philip Lindstrom, Vice Chair 





 Rafiq Dossani, Treasurer

Julia Hurd,
Special Advisor 


Diana Roth, 
Committee Councilor

Lydia Farrand, 

Subud USA National Helpers, 2018-20

Michal Brownell

Loretta Covert


Sofia Nicoletti (continuing)

Latidjah Miller

 Benjamin Boyce

Fredrick Branchflower

Jim Dehner

David Nicoletti


Regional Chairpersons

Subud California

Robert Mertens
Term of Office:  2017-19

Subud East Coast

Hernando Claros
Term of Office:  2018-20 

Subud Midwest

Ben Mattson

Term of Office:  2018-20

Subud Pacific Islands

Hardwin Blanchard
Term of Office: 2014-18

Subud Pacific NW 

Hadijah O'Bar
Term of Office:  2018-20

Subud Rocky Mountain

Lewis Olds
Term of Office:  2018-20

Subud South

Anya Rylander-Jones
Term of Office:  









Affiliate Chairpersons & Partner Organizations

Susila Dharma USA

Aminah Herrman, Chair
Term:  2017-2019

Subud Enterprise Services USA

Hanafi Fraval, Chair
Term:  2018-20


Subud Youth Activities USA

Isadora Roth, Chair 
Term: 2018-2020


Subud International Cultural Assn USA  

Hamilton Cheifetz, Chair
Term: 2018-2021


Subud USA Administrative Staff


Administrative Assistant

Michael Shaver
Term:  Contracted




World Subud Association Archivist for Area III (USA)

Daniela Moneta
Phone:  (602) 870-4977