The Name: Subud

Subud® is an association of people from different religions, beliefs, nationalities and cultures, who have in common a spiritual practice known as the latihan. Through this individual, yet collective, practice, each person may discover his or her own truth, human potential, talent and inner guidance in accordance with individual capacity and commitment. 

The name 'Subud' is derived from the words 'Susila', 'Budhi' and 'Dharma'

Susila denotes those qualities, which give rise to a character, conduct and actions, which are truly human, and in accordance with the Will of God.

Budhi means that within all creatures, including man, there dwells an inner force to draw us towards our proper path, the path that leads to God.

Dharma signifies sincerity, surrender, and submission to God, which are awakened in man by the Will of God Himself.

thus symbolizing surrender to the experience of the divine life force within each person, which can effect inner transformation.