The Latihan

The latihan is the spiritual practice that is the form of our worship in which one comes into direct, personal contact with the Great Life Force. 'Latihan’ is an Indonesian word that does not translate well into English, roughly meaning ‘spiritual movement’.

During the latihan, one follows whatever arises spontaneously from within while enveloped in and protected by this manifestation of divine grace. For each person it is an individual experience and, like many spiritual experiences, cannot adequately be described in words. Furthermore, it may change, deepen, and expand over time.

This latihan is not a practice that is learned or trained for. Initial contact is passed on by being in the presence of another practicing member (called a helper) at an opening. Helpers are more experienced members that provide support to members in their spiritual development and are selected from those who sincerely receive the latihan, are of good character, care about others, communicate well with others, and are willing to serve.

After the initial contact is transmitted, members do not require the intervention of another person to experience the connection. Members receive directly, without any person acting as an intermediary.