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Subud USA Annual Pledge Campaign


Besides setting up latihan premises and guest houses, we can also set up schools, hospital buildings, orphanages, homes for delinquent and neglected children, and homes for old people who have no family. In this way Subud will not only be good at worshipping God but also good at fulfilling our obligations towards our fellow men.


―Bapak Muhammad Subud, Chicago, IL, May 1, 1972


Dear Subud USA Members:

While there are yet many steps left to fulfill Bapak’s ambitions for Subud members, Subud USA can, with its members’ support, play an increasing role. While it is up to each person to decide on an appropriate contribution, we are hopeful that each member will consider a minimum pledge of $100 as his or her direct contribution to Subud USA. Our goal is to achieve a participation rate of 100 per cent. This year, as in past years, we have made it easy to contribute through the accompanying pledge form that allows you to spread your contribution over the year. Contributions qualify for tax deductions.

Contributors may consider four additional ways of committing support: (1) Volunteering your talents and time to support the many ways we provide services to the members throughout the year (e.g., communications, outreach to members, event planning). (2) Pledging support through committing a share of the sales or profits of a member’s personal or corporate enterprise. This allows the contributor to make a commitment that will grow as the enterprise grows. (3) Contributions of financial securities, such as stocks in publicly listed companies. (4) Creating legacy or stewardship funds for Subud USA-led philanthropic projects.

How Contributions Will Be Used

We plan to increase our budget by 14 per cent in 2017, from $157,000 to $179,400. The increase of $22,400 is in order, in part, to increase the commitment to WSA from $27,600 to $30,900, to increase staffing to support operations and communications for our long-term growth, and to contribute $3,600 to archives. In 2017, we will continue to fully support helper travel and the other domestic activities. These programs are briefly described on the table provided on Page two.

Support for Subud USA may be contributed online at or you may fill out the accompanying pledge form and mail it in.

Thank you in advance for your participation. 

With love and blessings,

The Subud USA National Committee
Mary Wold, Chairperson; Lucas Boladian, Vice Chairperson; Rafiq Dossani, Treasurer; Latham Stack, Secretary; Muftiah McCartin, Committee Councilor; Lianne Card and Marius Harold, National Helper Liaisons


Key General Fund Programs

Program Description  Target 

Helper Support

The National Helpers received that what Subud USA most needs is a deep, sincere attention to the latihan. They join in latihan in as centers as possible attending kejiwaan events, gatherings and congresses. In this term they have found it most effective to attend in larger numbers whenever funding and schedules allow. The National Helpers are also committed to strengthening alignment with regional helpers, who support center helpers and groups. Attending helper gatherings organized by regional helpers is another high-priority commitment. Subud USA helps pay for National Helper travel expenses for these and many other activities in all parts of the country.



Committee Support

The National Committee works with its Board of directors to hold firmly to Bapak's vision for our growth in developing Subud USA's prioities and programs and the staffing and other resources that are needed: strengthening and widening communication with members; developing and implementing long-term administrative solutions; creating partnerships and sharing resources with our local centers, regions and wings, including training opportunities at all levels; expanding a National volunteer network; traveling as a National Dewan in support of the realization of Subud projects and enterprises.



World Subud Association Support

 Subud USA is a major contributor to the World Subud Association (WSA). The WSA supports the work of Ibu Rahayu and the International Helpers, organizes the translations of talks, supports Subud affiliates ("Wings") at the International level, and hosts the World Subud Congress every four years.


Zone 7 Support

Subud USA is a part of Zone 7, which also includes Canada, Mexico, Cuba, the Caribbean, and Suriname. Our support allows for travel and gatherings within the Zone, including support for country activities in developing countries. 


Subud Archives 

The United States has one of five International archives centers that keep a permanent record of Subud activity. This has been the case since Subud's early years. The funds will be used for the collection, preservation and maintenance of archives in a secure long-term, environmentally sound location. 



Subud USA is in the process of recruiting a Communications Officer in order to improve communications with members, including better integration of local and regional news and "Wing" activities. In addition to a printed quarterly newsletter, we produce monthly eBlasts and maintain a vibrant website for both Subud members and the wider community.


Affiliate Support 

Subud USA supports its affiliate organizations and member projects. Specific funding will be determined on an as-needed basis. Examples include youth activities, support for elderly members, and other special projects. 


Administrative Support 

This funding covers the costs of support staff and operating costs. It also includes hosting National events; ensuring sound financial management; maintaining corporate and tax filings for all centers and regions under the National tax umbrella; and maintaining a membership database for mailings and online registration. 







Other Restricted Funds:

Program  Description

Care Support

Provides emergency financial support for members in need. Current balance in this fund is $1,795. 

The Elderberry Project 

Current balance is $1,274.

Endowment Funds

The dividends/interest earned from the permanent and housing funds support the long-term development of Subud in the USA. Current balance is approximately $349,981.

Housing Loan Fund

Provides loans to Subud organizations for purchase or maintenance of Subud property. Current balance is approximately $120,352 of which $90,518 is currently loaned out to centers.


Subud Enterprise Services: Current balance in this fund is $22,641.


Subud Youth Activities: Current balance is $33,118.

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